European Healthcare IT Outsourcing Market 2010

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Market Research

Below we summarize the major findings of the recent Frost & Sullivan Research that aims to present a comprehensive analysis of the European healthcare IToutsourcing market. The original analysis includes the factors driving growth,challenges, revenue forecasts through 2010 and opportunities within themarket.

European Healthcare IT Outsourcing Market Model: 2003-2010

Challenges Facing Healthcare ITO Industry in 2006-2010

European Healthcare ITO Market: Regional Analysis

Healthcare ITO Trends Across Europe

Key Drivers and Restraints: 2006-2010

The Future of Europe’s Healthcare ITO

Emerging Scenario for Vendors in Europe


  • The European healthcare IT market is set to experience steady growth riding on the initiatives shown by regional and national health authorities
  • State of the art information technology solutions adoption is inevitable. Some regions will move swiftly to capitalise on the benefits to the healthcare industry. These markets represent the biggest potential for Outsourcing.
  • Three main segments identified in the healthcare IT outsourcing market. Several sub-systems likely to gain importance in the market. The specifications of Integrated Care will drive the outsourcing markets.
  • European technology vendors in a strong position to consolidate market share. Global players will not give up the fight to attain respectable market share.
  • Fair amount of consolidation / joint ventures expected in the industry

Source: Frost & Sullivan, 2010

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