IT Outsourcing Is Booming in the Nordic Countries, According to Recent Studies

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Market Research

IT Sourcing Europe compares the findings of EquaTerra’s 2010 Nordics Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction study with the results of its own ongoing All-European IT Sourcing and Software Development Best Practices Research 2010.

According to the 2010 Nordics Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction (SPPS) study commissioned by EquaTerra , a global sourcing advisory services provider, the Nordic ITO market is both growing and, for the most part, delivering the results buyers are seeking. As many as 84% of all Nordic ITO buyers indicated their intentions to continue to outsource their IT at the same or higher levels in the next years. In general, the study finds that:
•    72% of Nordic ITO buyers, up 8% compared to last year, indicated that outsourcing contributes significantly or moderately positively to meeting the primary drivers and benefits sought from their efforts;
•    55% of respondents are very satisfied or satisfied with their ITO efforts, and 29% are somewhat satisfied. Only 6% are very or somewhat dissatisfied;
•    84% of all Nordic ITO buyers are satisfied with their service providers in terms of general satisfaction, and 91% of buyers would recommend their service provider(s) to another outsourcing buyer organization.

These findings generally support some of the findings of IT Sourcing Europe’s All-European IT Sourcing Research 2010. By now IT Sourcing Europe, a UK-based IT sourcing research and consultancy company, had surveyed just one Nordic country – Denmark – and its Survey results show that 47% of Danish companies polled are somewhat satisfied with their ITO services providers and 44% of respondents admitted their intentions to continue their outsourced software development in the next 25+ months. IT Sourcing Europe will continue surveying Nordic and other Western European countries until November 2010 and will summarize its major findings related to ITO buyers’ satisfaction with their current ITO engagements as well as the major trends and challenges of the outsourced and in-house software development in the All-European IT Sourcing and In-House Software Development Best Practices Intelligence Report 2010.

Sources: EquaTerra, IT Sourcing Europe


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