Time and Cost are Two Major Challenges of In-House Software Development in Sweden, Survey Says

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Market Research

IT Sourcing Europe highlights the findings of its recent Swedish Software Development Survey 2010 with regards to the key obstacles in the way of successful in-house software development.

IT Sourcing Europe , a UK-based nearshore IT sourcing research and advisory company, has just closed its Swedish In-House Software Development Survey, conducted in the frames of the All-European IT Research 2010. The survey was aimed to explore the key trends, challenges and best practices of the in-house software development among the Swedish companies. The survey was completed by the 232 companies representing all of the major vertical markets.

The survey finds that 23% of Swedish respondents point to high costs of application development, implementation and maintenance as well as domestic IT resources as the greatest challenge of their in-house development. Additionally, 22% of companies point to the slow time it takes to develop and market a software product, while 21% of companies mention application bugs/errors fixing that takes extra time and resources amongst their greatest challenges.

To respond to these challenges, 42% of Swedish companies take both reactive and proactive actions to improve their software development methodology, 20% encourage their IT staff to work overtime and 18% distribute development between freelancers, local IT partners and internal IT departments.

Overall, 30% of survey respondents admitted the fact that Sweden is currently facing significant shortages of domestic IT specialists as well as very high rates of software development staff turnover.

More thought-provoking findings can be found in the Swedish IT Sourcing and Software Development Intelligence Report 2010 .


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