IT Sourcing Europe announces the launch of its new European IT Outsourcing Survey 2011.

IT Sourcing Europe, a UK-based nearshore IT outsourcing (ITO) market research and consultancy agency, has started today its 2011 European ITO research. In the course of the research nine Western European and Nordic countries will be surveyed in terms of current level of ITO adoption, outsourcing behaviors, trends, challenges and problem solving practices. Additionally, European companies that do not outsource their IT function and develop their IT/software products within own house will be surveyed to measure their current readiness to involve in the outsourcing operations.

Overall, the 2011 survey aims to:

  • explore factors that drive Western European companies to outsource their software development / IT function, challenges associated with offshore/nearshore outsourcing and problem solving practices;
  • benchmark the European IT outsourcing demand in 2011;
  • find out which practice works best with the outsourced software development;
  • study factors keeping European companies away from ITO etc.

All survey participants will receive two complementary incentives for sharing their outsourcing experience / general attitudes towards ITO:

  • “Central and Eastern European ITO Landscape Report 2011”, and
  • Country-specific survey results

Last year, 3,334 Western European and Nordic companies participated in IT Sourcing Europe’s surveys. We expect to have more survey participants this year, as more companies understand the importance of sharing outsourcing experience and knowledge with a broader business community in Europe. The survey will be permanently live at


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