By request of several UK gaming industry players, IT Sourcing Europe has just launched the “First Ever” UK Gaming Development Outsourcing Survey 2011. The key survey objective is to create the missing body of knowledge on the current level of outsourcing adoption within the UK gaming community as well as gaming development outsourcing opportunities and threats.

The survey goals are:

  • Benchmark the 2011 demand for IT resources within the UK gaming / online gambling community
  • Compare and contrast key trends among the UK gaming companies that either outsource or develop their solutions in-house
  • Compare and contrast key challenges facing UK gaming / e-Gambling industry players in 2011
  • Compare and contrast the most effective problem solving techniques utilized by outsourcing and in-house development companies within the UK gaming industry
  • Measure the outsourcability of processes within game development cycle
  • Study factors that drive UK gaming companies to outsource their development to an external provider
  • Study factors that keep UK gaming companies away from outsourcing their development functions
  • Benchmark the overall level of satisfaction with the outsourced versus in-house gaming development in the United Kingdom
Most of the survey results will be displayed to each respondent right upon survey completion. Besides, each survey participant will be able to download the “European Gaming & e-Gambling Outsourcing Analytical Review: 1Q 2011” immediately after participation (3 months before its official release to the EU gaming communities). More survey details are available here.
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