“UK Outsourced vs In-House Game Development Report 2011” is based entirely on the results of the “First Ever” UK Gaming Development Outsourcing survey conducted between June and July 2011.

Key Takeaways:

  • The majority of UK gaming industry players surveyed have been outsourcing their games development for 12 to 24 months now
  • The most popular outsourcing destinations mix  is nearshore (within/close to the same time zone as the UK) + onshore (within the UK)
  • The three most outsourced processes within games development are concept development, production and QA/testing
  • The top three outsourcing drivers are reduction of operating costs, acceleration of time-to-market (TTM) and freeing in-house resources for other business purposes
  • The top three challenges of the outsourced development are: poor communication with project managers/teams on vendor’s side, poor project management on vendor’s side and vendor’s inability to understand client’s business needs and goals
  • The two most popular engagement models within gaming outsourcing are Own Development/Agile Team and fixed-price project
  • Most of the UK game development outsourcing projects are valued at €50-199K
The Report is available for free download here.

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