IT Sourcing Europe summarizes some Europe related findings of the IDG Connect survey of the 3169 IT professionals from 105 countries.

IDG Connect, a global IT and business research company, has recently surveyed 3169 IT professionals from 105 countries in order to benchmark their opinions on today’s global IT skills landscape.

According to the survey findings, 50% of the survey respondents believe that Europe currently has a medium volume of IT vacancies and almost 70% think that senior technical skills are the most demanded ones in Europe in 2011.

Regarding the employment problems in Europe, slightly more than 70% of respondents blame the economy, more than 40% of participants blame the poor IT training, almost 35% – lack of interest in IT careers, more than 30% – brain drain, around 40% – rapid market expansion that does not allow IT skills to keep up and 50% of survey participants believe that IT employment problems occur due to the entry level workers (Generation Y) that have a different work ethic compared to older employees.

Regarding some country-specific findings, the following trends are observed:

  • Germany is facing a shortage in supply of the senior IT skills
  • Norway is facing an explosively expanding market which makes it difficult for IT headhunters to keep up
  • Belgium is facing centralization of resources and missing a strong decision-making power
  • Cyprus is missing an understanding of how to combine IT and business processes in the real world

More global findings are available in the “IDG Connect Special Report: The Global IT Skills Landscape, Summer 2011”.

Source: IDG Connect


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