IT Sourcing Europe and the German-Austrian-Swiss Outsourcing Association (Der Outsourcing Verband) announce the launch of a series of joint video podcasts on “Analysis of the German IT Outsourcing Market 2011”. Subscribe here to watch Part 1: “Introduction to the German IT Outsourcing Market”, in which Viktor Bogdanov, IT Sourcing Europe’s Managing Director and Stephan Fricke, CEO of German-Austrian-Swiss Outsourcing Association, discuss

  • adoption of ITO services across diverse German industries
  • general profile of German ITO service buyers
  • factors that drive German companies to outsource their IT / software development functions to external providers onshore, offshore and/or nearshore
  • key ITO challenges and solutions

All questions and remarks can be left as comments right below the videocast  and will be replied as soon as possible.

Alternative videocast link –

  1. Stanislav says:

    Will it be in German or English?

  2. Mikita says:

    Podcast sound quality is poor 😦

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