IT Sourcing Europe Ltd is a European company specializing in nearshore IT Outsourcing consultancy as well as market research and analysis.

Our Major Goals Are:

  • Provide Western European companies with comprehensive Intelligence Reports on the key trends and hallmarks of the nearshore software development Outsourcing market
  • Link Western European businesses with the best IT Outsourcing services providers in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Advise on innovative and most cost-effective business and software product delivery models

What We Do

  • IT Outsourcing market research and analysis
  • Surveys of Central and Eastern Europe’s IT Outsourcing services providers and their factual capability to deliver top quality, yet cost-effective solutions on time and on budget
  • Free-of-charge consultancy services for companies planning to change their current IT Outsourcing strategies
  • Free-of-charge consultancy services for companies considering to outsource their software development nearshore

If you are looking for IT Outsourcing opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe or would like to change your current IT Outsourcing partnership / strategy, please feel free to send us your RFPs/RFQs. We promise to thoroughly study your IT needs and submit your RFPs/RFQs to the trusted suppliers who best match your business and technology requirements.

Alternatively, you may fill out our FindVendor form and we will contact you back with the suggested options.