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We’ve just made another Christmas present for all IT outsourcing trendwatchers by releasing the German IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report 2011. The Report is based on the survey of the 304 German companies that either outsource their Software Development / Information Technology function(s) to an external service provider onshore (within Germany), nearshore (within/close to the same time zone) and/or offshore (more than 2 time zones away), or develop their software/IT solutions in-house.

Some of the key survey findings presented in the Report are:

  • German B2B software development companies are the most active users of the outsourcing services
  • Most of ITO projects take 3 to 5 IT specialists to complete and are valued at €500K+
  • Web and mobile solutions are most outsourced, while SaaS/Cloud ones are least outsourced in Germany
  • Nearshore is the most preferred ITO destination
  • Most of German companies outsource to reduce operating costs, focus on core competences, access available IT resources outside Germany and speed up time-to-market
  • The key issues in ITO are poor communication with vendor’s teams, change management, cultural difference and poor project management on vendor’s side
  • Most of German companies outsource their IT / development to small providers via the fixed-price/time-and-material (T&M) models
  • Most of companies refuse to outsource, because they want to have 100% managerial control of own software / IT projects

More interesting findings as well as the 2011 trends and behavior patterns’ comparison to the 2010 ones are available in the actual Report.


IT Sourcing Europe and the German-Austrian-Swiss Outsourcing Association (Der Outsourcing Verband) announce the launch of a series of joint video podcasts on “Analysis of the German IT Outsourcing Market 2011”. Subscribe here to watch Part 1: “Introduction to the German IT Outsourcing Market”, in which Viktor Bogdanov, IT Sourcing Europe’s Managing Director and Stephan Fricke, CEO of German-Austrian-Swiss Outsourcing Association, discuss

  • adoption of ITO services across diverse German industries
  • general profile of German ITO service buyers
  • factors that drive German companies to outsource their IT / software development functions to external providers onshore, offshore and/or nearshore
  • key ITO challenges and solutions

All questions and remarks can be left as comments right below the videocast  and will be replied as soon as possible.

Alternative videocast link –

IT Sourcing Europe analysiert auch in diesem Jahr wieder die Trends, Herausforderungen, Kosten und  allgemeine Entwicklung der IT-Outsourcing-Industrie in Deutschland. Die Analyse basiert auf:

a) einer Befragung von deutschen Unternehmen, die Ihre IT-Funktion / Softwareentwicklung an Drittunternehmen offshore (in weit entfernte Länder), nearshore (in nahe gelegene Länder) bzw onshore (innerhalb Deutschlands) übergeben;

b) einer Befragung von deutschen Unternehmen, die Ihre Softwarelösungen im eigenen Haus entwickeln.

Die Ergebnisse werden wie bereits im Jahr 2010 in einem umfassenden “IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report 2011″aggregiert.

Alle deutschen Outsourcing/IT-Manager(innen) und Entscheidungsmacher werden eingeladen, an der Befragung teilzunehmen. Als Dankeschön für die vollständige Beantwortung der Fragen erhält man sofort nach der Teilnahme einen “Zentral- und Osteuropaischen IT Outsourcing Landscape Report 2011” und im Oktober 2011 – eine Zusammenfassung der zentralen Umfrageergebnisse – “German IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report 2011”.

Details über die Studie kann man hier finden.

Der Befragungslink – (die Umfrage wird in Englisch durchgefuert, ca. 8-12 Minuten)

Danke im Voraus für Ihre Teilnahme!