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IT Sourcing Europe, a UK-based market intelligence company specialized in the European IT Outsourcing market research, announces the launch of the 3d Annual European IT Outsourcing Research 2012.

This year’s survey aims to explore the current degree of penetration of IT Outsourcing (ITO) into diverse European markets, identify the main behavior patterns among the EU companies that outsource their IT / software development function(s) to third parties onshore (within UK), nearshore (up to 2 time zones away) and offshore (2+ time zones away) as well as key challenges facing the European outsourcers. Additionally, the forecasts for the future demand for ITO services / development of ITO industry within the European Union will be made based on the data collected from surveys of the companies that currently develop their IT solutions in-house. (more…)


Europe certainly can’t compete with offshore destinations like India and Philippines on the cost front, but when it comes to innovation and high-end technology solutions, it is very often seen as the best bet.

Major Strengths That Define Europe

Talent Pool

Europe has a vast talent pool, engineering expertise, and high standard of education. Dmitry Loschinin, President and CEO, says “Confidence is quickly rebuilding and more and more companies are turning to Eastern Europe in particular for technology services expertise. Reason: The region’s talent pool has never been stronger.”

Multilingual Skills

Multiple language capabilities differentiate the European market from most other destinations. There is probably no other such destination that can support six to seven languages at one place. This has enabled the growth of BPO operations and has attracted numerous service providers to the region.

ITO or BPO- Which is Hotter? 

According to Forrester report Market Overview: European IT Infrastructure Outsourcing (2011), cloud-based services are dominating the infrastructure outsourcing market. As concerns over security issues prevail, private dedicated clouds and hybrid solutions are being offered by service providers. Forrester expects that resistance will change as more business professionals push for the flexible capabilities that cloud enables. (more…)