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We’ve just released the new “IT Outsourcing Landscape Report 2011: Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)” aimed at comparing and contrasting the 6 CEE countries in terms of:

  • capacity for innovation
  • IT labor market efficiency
  • flexibility
  • spending on research & development (R&D)
  • number of IT specialists employed in IT outsourcing industry
  • IT rates
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT project teams

The Report concludes that Ukraine and Belarus are currently holding the equal positions as the leading non-EU, while Romania is the leading EU locale for IT outsourcing services in the CEE region in terms of cost effectiveness, access to innovation and size of IT resource pool available.

The Report is currently available for free download here.


Jesper Bagger, Project Director at Berlingske Media, shares his company’s outsourcing experiences at the ITB Conference “Off-Shore – How easy can it be?”

Berlingske, the oldest Danish media house with a 262-years history, moved a substantial part of its software development to Kiev, Ukraine, in 2010. The key factor driving a corporate decision to outsource nearshore was the search for savings. In Ukraine, an IT developer costs about half of the Danish one and the price difference between the Danish and Ukrainian IT consultants is even greater. (more…)